Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy 5 year Blogoversary!

My boy Zack has been blogging for 5 years! It's been pretty much a day to day thing, it's almost religious. I have a hard time remembering to put on clean underwear everyday let a lone write in a blog. Anyway, yesterday was his 5th year Blogoversary. Cheers. I've known Zack for a long time. We sort of met in Junior high but really started hanging out my freshman year of High School. It's really been a long road for us. We were great friends in High School along with another one of my buds, Nate. Well, my sophomore year I joined tennis with Zack and continued to play doubles with him until we graduated. I've got many many memories in High School ranging from band class to getting beat by the handicapped kids in a "sure win" doubles match. Although many good memories come from High School, I think our best come from College to the present. It's been cool to watch our friendship grow from extremely immature to a close and real friendship. It's one of those friendships that will live through time. My boy recently got engaged to a very cool girl. It's crazy to think about the two of us actually finding women who like us, who really really like us... but who are totally out of our league. We're pretty stinking lucky. So, here's to your 5 year blog buddy! I think we might actually make it in this crazy world. You can check out Zack's blog here!

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Mark said...

Thanks, buddy! :-)