Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready... Set... GO!!!!

Well, we started off our crazy week with my in-laws coming into town. It was really great to see them before we left. We probably won't see a lot of our friends and family for at least 6 - 8 months. We hung out a little, went to Ruby Tuesdays, a family favorite and Glen and Sue got us a new cooking set for a house warming gift. Got to hang out a little with the bro-in-law, that was pretty fun. Overall it was just a really cool weekend. We had Good Friday service this weekend, a week early, and it was really cool. I had to say goodbye to a lot of people this weekend. It was pretty sad, but overall, they were very happy for me and Rochelle. We'll miss all of them dearly, especially the ones I worked so closely with. I've been telling people it's bitter sweet.
Today I pick up the moving truck with my bff Jesse. Then two of my other friends, Phil Holland and TJ Eubanks are gonna help us load the big stuff. The other things Rochelle and I can handle. I'm grateful for these guys because with everything going on, my head is spinning and I'm sort of this boiling pot about to boil over. I've been a little temper mental but it's because I have to worry about everything... well, I don't HAVE to worry, I just do. A lot of little things make to a few really BIG things. I'm pretty tired already but I'm sure I'll go into adrenaline mode once we get there. The other night Rochelle and I were just sitting around and I couldn't contain my hoots and hollers. We're moving in A day!!! Prayer for safe travels. My mom is currently on a train to Chicago and then on a bus to Louisville to help us move. I'm very grateful that she'll be around to help Rochelle out and keep her company as I will be MIA for about 3 days, or at least until Easter is over. Then Monday, my day off, we'll take my mom around town and show her a good time... maybe we'll go to the beach, I've been meaning to bust out my speedo for awhile!

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