Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting Settled

Rochelle and I have been having a great time getting settled in. Easter was a very long weekend but my first official week at CCF went great. I've been able to hang with a couple people from my team and also start working with a guy who will most likely lead our first branch service starting in about a year. We've been given a very warm welcome here by our new church family. My ministry here is wonderful. I'm working with great people and I'm really beginning to see why God brought me and Rochelle here. Today they introduced us to the church and we were welcomed with open arms after Wes prayed for us. We're very happy and thank all of you for your prayers. We'll keep you updated and we'll hopefully have some pics of our new place up soon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We made it!!

Hey Guys!!

We made it. All is well in beautiful, sunny, warm, Florida! We're in our new condo and getting unpacked...slowly...very slowly.

I'm in the process of painting the kitchen a wonderful shade of guacamole, as well as trying to put all of our CLEAN clothes (which will be a rarity no more) into our closet (which might be about the size of our old bedroom.)

We should have pictures soon, once we get all settled and unpacked--I'll be sure to include one of the view out my window when I wake up in the morning (palm trees waving in the breeze and water sparkling in the sunshine.)

Ok, ok....I'm done--I'll let you get back to the snow. =)

More soon...promise...

Rochelle =) more thing--yesterday we saw Dolphins!!!! REAL, LIVE DOLPHINS in the ocean. It was incredible.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready... Set... GO!!!!

Well, we started off our crazy week with my in-laws coming into town. It was really great to see them before we left. We probably won't see a lot of our friends and family for at least 6 - 8 months. We hung out a little, went to Ruby Tuesdays, a family favorite and Glen and Sue got us a new cooking set for a house warming gift. Got to hang out a little with the bro-in-law, that was pretty fun. Overall it was just a really cool weekend. We had Good Friday service this weekend, a week early, and it was really cool. I had to say goodbye to a lot of people this weekend. It was pretty sad, but overall, they were very happy for me and Rochelle. We'll miss all of them dearly, especially the ones I worked so closely with. I've been telling people it's bitter sweet.
Today I pick up the moving truck with my bff Jesse. Then two of my other friends, Phil Holland and TJ Eubanks are gonna help us load the big stuff. The other things Rochelle and I can handle. I'm grateful for these guys because with everything going on, my head is spinning and I'm sort of this boiling pot about to boil over. I've been a little temper mental but it's because I have to worry about everything... well, I don't HAVE to worry, I just do. A lot of little things make to a few really BIG things. I'm pretty tired already but I'm sure I'll go into adrenaline mode once we get there. The other night Rochelle and I were just sitting around and I couldn't contain my hoots and hollers. We're moving in A day!!! Prayer for safe travels. My mom is currently on a train to Chicago and then on a bus to Louisville to help us move. I'm very grateful that she'll be around to help Rochelle out and keep her company as I will be MIA for about 3 days, or at least until Easter is over. Then Monday, my day off, we'll take my mom around town and show her a good time... maybe we'll go to the beach, I've been meaning to bust out my speedo for awhile!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life is Crazy!

So, we've started the packing process or at least tried to start it. We don't have that much stuff, but that's exactly what it is... stuff. I feel like throwing everything away but that wouldn't be too smart. So, we've got a pile of boxes and a ton of little things to pack. It feels like I'm taking crazy pills. We're still at Southeast meaning early mornings and busy days. I've got to cancel everything that links us to Louisville and start everything that's in Cape Coral. So far I still have to cancel our cable, internet, and electric here in Louisville and start up our electric in Cape Coral. Cable and internet isn't a necessity at this point down there. I just reserved a hotel to break up our trip down in Ashburn, GA. We're staying at a cheap Days Inn arriving most likely really late on March 18th and leaving early on March 19th. Everything is taken care of regarding our new condo. Tonight Rochelle and I are going to Lowes for a few things to clean up our apartment. I've got to get spackle and she wants to look over paint colors for our new place. Prayer for us because we rarely agree when it comes to decorating. To be honest, I wish we could just disappear for a few days, regain our consciousness and then appear back down in Cape Coral. All for the cause baby. But, in all, life is good, God is great, and we are very weak.

Life is Crazy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Plan

What colors should we use?

Few New Things...

1. We're moving in 8 days! That means that in 9 days, we'll be unloading all our stuff into a brand new condo, in a brand new place, with brand new people... exciting and very scary at the same time. My mom is arriving around 6am on Tuesday March 18th to help us with our move. This will be a huge help because the first few days that we're there, I'll be running around trying to get everything done for Easter. Very exciting time. It will also be good for Rochelle to have a painting partner. She plans on painting our whole condo those first few days we're there... yikes... I've got a bad feeling about the carpet. Oh well, she'll have fun doing it and so will my mom. The first few days are going to be a little crazy for me. Here's sort of a summary of what I've got to get down when I get there. We will arrive around 4pm on Monday. We'll get a tour of our new place and get the keys to everything. We'll start moving all of our stuff in that evening. Thursday I'll head into the office and start getting my stuff together. Move into my spot there(I don't know if I'll have an office or just a place to set my stuff). I'll have meetings all day, hopefully have some time to get home to see progress on the condo, then back to church for the rest of the evening for rehearsals. Friday I'll be working on the stage, videos, and meeting new people through meetings etc. Saturday we'll be setting up outside for our services out there. We'll be having 2 services inside and 2 outside. We start set up around 10am. Then, that night a few of us will be staking out to guard all the stuff. Sunday morning we start at 5:30am setting everything up again outside. Our first service is at 7:30am. 2nd is at 9:30, 3rd is at 10:00, and the last service is at 11:00. They do staggered services so I'll be running around like a mad man. After this, take the girls out for an Easter lunch... or just make something at home... then, sleep. Monday I have off so I'm going to take mom around town. Sounds like fun.

2. I'm getting fat. But I'm starting the work out program in.... 8 days.

3. I'm gonna miss Southeast.

4. Florida here we come!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy 5 year Blogoversary!

My boy Zack has been blogging for 5 years! It's been pretty much a day to day thing, it's almost religious. I have a hard time remembering to put on clean underwear everyday let a lone write in a blog. Anyway, yesterday was his 5th year Blogoversary. Cheers. I've known Zack for a long time. We sort of met in Junior high but really started hanging out my freshman year of High School. It's really been a long road for us. We were great friends in High School along with another one of my buds, Nate. Well, my sophomore year I joined tennis with Zack and continued to play doubles with him until we graduated. I've got many many memories in High School ranging from band class to getting beat by the handicapped kids in a "sure win" doubles match. Although many good memories come from High School, I think our best come from College to the present. It's been cool to watch our friendship grow from extremely immature to a close and real friendship. It's one of those friendships that will live through time. My boy recently got engaged to a very cool girl. It's crazy to think about the two of us actually finding women who like us, who really really like us... but who are totally out of our league. We're pretty stinking lucky. So, here's to your 5 year blog buddy! I think we might actually make it in this crazy world. You can check out Zack's blog here!