Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look out summer, here we come!

Hey everyone,
It's been a little while since we update but it's been a crazy few weeks. Rochelle and I have been doing dinner parties, hosting debutant balls, and loving the upper eastside. We're looking forward to our summer in the Hampton's but have a few more things on the agenda before we take off.

Actually, that was a lie, but we have been having a great time down here. The ministry is finally taking some shape for me and I feel like we've got a clear direction. Not only have we been working a lot, we've been playing. Our friends Shane and Amy just bought a house and we're all having fun pitching in trying to get them into it as soon as possible. We've also gone kayaking with them, fishing, shooting pool, etc. Rochelle and I finally sprung for a wii. I've been playing xbox 360 for so long, it was about time that we found a video game console we both liked.

We've also started working out. I've been getting pretty fat so we decided it's about time to put a stop to that. We've been running and lifting and my good pal Zack is my accountability partner. We make sure that neither of us become too much of a pile. Well, it's been good catching up. A few days ago, Rochelle and I were stimulated by Uncle Sam in a non-kinky way. We got our stimulus check in the mail and decided to do something special for our anniversary. Rochelle has been wanting this Nikon D40 camera for as long as I can remember so... I finally decided she should have it. Now we'll be able to document anything and everything like we've been wanting to for a long time. Thanks for all your prayers. We're eager to have Rochelle's family down in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see them because it's been way too long. We miss everyone back home. I miss my parents and family but God has definitely provided us with great friends down here and an awesome community. Also pray that some of our best friends Sam and Kyle will move down here for a police position. Payce! Paul

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Busy busy busy!

Hey Guys!!

I guess we've been a little busy lately. We're definitely keeping ourselves entertained down here, and trying to get all the outdoor activities that we want to try before summer is here and the heat becomes death! We've been doing lots of things--some just us, and some with our new friends!

Last weekend we went Kayaking (in the ocean!) at Sanibel/Captiva Islands. Sanibel is one of Travel Channels top 10 beaches in the country, so you have to believe it was absolutely gorgeous! We had a lot of fun, and it was an AWESOME day to spend in the ocean! We also saw lots of sea creatures, including but not limited too manatees, dolphins, and jumping fishies! After kayaking, we went to dinner at a much talked about restaurant, The Bubble Room...unfortunately it wasn't as good as expected. (Highly overpriced)

We also went fishing with some friends this past weekend. I caught two fish, one more than Paul! We even saw dolphins AGAIN! It was a lot of fun, unfortunately we got eaten alive by little fruit fly type bugs, and now we're itching like crazy people!

We're going fishing again tonight, from kayaks this time instead of just a dock--which makes me super excited! I love kayaking!!!

OHOH! Also, some exciting news--I've been working out daily now (for the past 2 days)...and unlike last time I tried working out, it feels really good! It gives me a lot of energy throughout the day and helps me feel motivated to eat healthier too! We have a workout facility right here in our community that's free for us to use, and is NEVER busy...most of the time I'm the only person in there. I go in the morning and watch my talk shows, and my hour work out time FLIES by.

That's all I have for the update on our lives...Hopefully next time we'll have more pictures to post. My camera dies after like 2 minutes of being on, so hopefully we'll work on that soon ;) TOODLES!!