Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life Update

Well, last week Rochelle and I were in Indiana for our friends Kyle and Sam's wedding. We had an awesome time catching up with them and seeing them get hitched. A few things went a little hay wire during the ceremony but really, it couldn't have been any nicer. The girls were stunning, the boys were incredibly hansom, and Kyle and Sam both looked incredible. It was great to see them tie the knot. It was funny because Kyle said that he wouldn't start crying until he saw one of us start. As soon as he saw Sam walking down the aisle he started balling like a little irish school girl. It couldn't been because I had just told him that he'd only be sleeping with one girl the rest of his life... but I think it was because they're just the right fit. We couldn't be any more happy for them.
Things for the move to Florida are moving along. The condo is getting squared away. Truck and trailer rentals are coming along. All we got to do is pack. It sounds like a small job but the other day I put all of our books in boxes and I was ready to just stay here in KY. We're having fun with it though. Rochelle has been thinking about colors for the condo. I've been thinking about how crazy my first 4 days will be when we get there. We've got 4 services on Sunday that have staggered times. I'm excited. We've been trying to figure out what we should do for a second car too when we get there. Lease... or own. Any suggestions?
I'll be gone for 4 days. I'm leaving tonight for a retreat called Faces of Christ. I've got mixed feelings about going. It's sort of a requirement from my boss but he said it'll be a really great and memorable experience. I trust him but I'm stilled a little bummed that I'll be away from Rochelle for that many days and that I'll be missing the whole visit of my buddy Dave. He's coming down to do some consulting for Jesse's church tonight and staying till Sunday. We'll be able to hang out on Sunday, but that's just not enough time with my boy. Oh well... life is good any way you look at it.
Grace and Peace.

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BZP said...

Lease or own? Buy certified used. You'll save a ton of money, and the car should come with a warranty.

The trouble with a lease is that, while the monthly payments are lower, you never "own" the car and have a period where you pay nothing. At the end of the lease you have to get a new vehicle so the payments never stop.

Just my $.02. Personally, I enjoy not having to make monthly payments on my car.