Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cape Coral Florida

Well, the interview in Florida went really well. They flew me and Rochelle down last Thursday for a long weekend. Thursday night I had rehearsal with the band. Minus all the tech. difficulties with monitors and such, rehearsal went really well. The people on the team really really fun to work with and I think there is a ton of potential within the creative arts team. Well, I got back to the condo they set up for us around 10pm Thursday night. Friday morning, Rochelle and I woke up early to make an 8am meeting. We met with the senior minister and 2 board members. After answering questions for around a hour and a half, Dennis, the senior minister took us for a stroll around Cape Harbor. Amazing view and great weather. Cape Coral has more canals than anywhere in the world, even more than Venice. So after we toured Cape Harbor, we headed out for the day with Wes and Bonnie(and Max their little boy.) We had a great time hanging with them for the rest of the afternoon. Later that night Rochelle and I headed inland to a nice little shopping center where we had some time to just chill at a cool coffee place. Saturday was sort of our day off. So Rochelle and I got a late start and took our time getting up and around. We spent the rest of the afternoon cruising Cape Coral, looking at all the cool homes and taking in some good mexican food at Iguana Mia. Later that night we hung out with the Furlong's and the Hegedus family.
Sunday morning I got up around 6:30am to make it to church by 7:00am. We quickly ran through the set list and had a few minutes to catch our breath before service at 9. After bother services, a number of people came up and thanked me for coming out for the weekend. It was great meeting some of the members and I had a blast with the team. After the 2 services, one at 9 and the other at 10:30 we went to a young married couples picnic. We ate, played ball, and just had a good time meeting new people. Later that night we had a dessert reception at the senior minister's place with the rest of the staff and their wives.
Overall, the trip was a huge blessing. It's a place that Rochelle feels really comfortable and a place that I feel like I could really contribute. The creative arts ministry has huge potential and hopefully Rochelle and I will be able to take part in it. After talking with both the Teaching Minister and Senior Minister, it looks like Rochelle and I will be heading there soon to start the next phase of our lives. We still have a few things to sort out, but if all goes well, Cape Christian Fellowship will be our first ministry. Pray that the right decision will be made on both sides and that God is the center of it all. Rochelle and I both loved the people and the place and are excited about the possibility of moving.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our New Site...

This is where both Rochelle and I will be posting about the new blessings and adventures God's been placing in our lives. More coming soon...