Monday, March 10, 2008

Few New Things...

1. We're moving in 8 days! That means that in 9 days, we'll be unloading all our stuff into a brand new condo, in a brand new place, with brand new people... exciting and very scary at the same time. My mom is arriving around 6am on Tuesday March 18th to help us with our move. This will be a huge help because the first few days that we're there, I'll be running around trying to get everything done for Easter. Very exciting time. It will also be good for Rochelle to have a painting partner. She plans on painting our whole condo those first few days we're there... yikes... I've got a bad feeling about the carpet. Oh well, she'll have fun doing it and so will my mom. The first few days are going to be a little crazy for me. Here's sort of a summary of what I've got to get down when I get there. We will arrive around 4pm on Monday. We'll get a tour of our new place and get the keys to everything. We'll start moving all of our stuff in that evening. Thursday I'll head into the office and start getting my stuff together. Move into my spot there(I don't know if I'll have an office or just a place to set my stuff). I'll have meetings all day, hopefully have some time to get home to see progress on the condo, then back to church for the rest of the evening for rehearsals. Friday I'll be working on the stage, videos, and meeting new people through meetings etc. Saturday we'll be setting up outside for our services out there. We'll be having 2 services inside and 2 outside. We start set up around 10am. Then, that night a few of us will be staking out to guard all the stuff. Sunday morning we start at 5:30am setting everything up again outside. Our first service is at 7:30am. 2nd is at 9:30, 3rd is at 10:00, and the last service is at 11:00. They do staggered services so I'll be running around like a mad man. After this, take the girls out for an Easter lunch... or just make something at home... then, sleep. Monday I have off so I'm going to take mom around town. Sounds like fun.

2. I'm getting fat. But I'm starting the work out program in.... 8 days.

3. I'm gonna miss Southeast.

4. Florida here we come!

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BZP said...

Sounds like a busy slate... good luck with the move!