Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We made it!!

Hey Guys!!

We made it. All is well in beautiful, sunny, warm, Florida! We're in our new condo and getting unpacked...slowly...very slowly.

I'm in the process of painting the kitchen a wonderful shade of guacamole, as well as trying to put all of our CLEAN clothes (which will be a rarity no more) into our closet (which might be about the size of our old bedroom.)

We should have pictures soon, once we get all settled and unpacked--I'll be sure to include one of the view out my window when I wake up in the morning (palm trees waving in the breeze and water sparkling in the sunshine.)

Ok, ok....I'm done--I'll let you get back to the snow. =)

More soon...promise...

Rochelle =)

Oh...one more thing--yesterday we saw Dolphins!!!! REAL, LIVE DOLPHINS in the ocean. It was incredible.

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