Friday, February 15, 2008

HEY GUYS! It's Rochelle again...

I was reading my old Xanga the other day--back in my prime, I was a blogging phenom--now I'm strugging...a keep up with make take me a while to get back in the swing of things.

Well, this weekend Paul mom, brother, and nephew are coming down for a visit. They should be here late tonight. It's going to be a CRAAZYY weekend. All 5 of us in our tiny 650 sq. foot apartment, with only one bathroom. It shall be fun. (Paul and I are currently house/dog sitting at Paul's bosses amazing, AMAZING house--I will make it totally obvious that we are newlyweds/college students by adding in that I'm excited to do laundry for free!!!)

After the weekend is over, I shall ride with Paul's mom back to Michigan so I can spend the entire week with my friends/helping Samantha with anything she needs for her wedding. Paul will be joining us in Michigan on Friday afternoon.

I'm very excited for what this next week holds, and even more excited about what the next month holds! ...I think that about all I have for you...

Until next time!

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