Friday, February 22, 2008

Sam and Kyle's Wedding

Well, this weekend our good friends Kyle and Sam are getting married. Rochelle and I both are in the wedding and we're really excited to be there to support the two. When we were still in Lansing, we hung out with them almost everyday. We're gonna miss them like crazy when we move to Florida.
Plans to move are moving slowly. We've still got to figure out how we're gonna scrape the money together for the security deposit and first months rent. It'll all come together I know, but it's still a little nerve wrecking. Once we get down there we'll be fine, we just have to get down there. We're planning on selling Rochelle's car so that will help a little and I'm sure we have some other things we can get rid of too. We'll see, it will work out.
Well, for the short time that I had in Lansing, very short time, we were able to have dinner with Rochelle's family. It was nice because we won't see them again for a long time. We went to Cheddar's, my absolute favorite restaurant in the world. Rochelle's parents got me new Chaco's for my birthday. They are exactly what I need for the new job. They'll be my work shoes. It was sort of funny because as soon as I saw the fam. it looked like everyone was going to cry because we all new it was our "Last Supper." We had a great time talking about her parents cruise, our new job, and just life in general.
Well... everyone, keep in touch. We'll try to do the same.

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