Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, it's official ya'll. My last official day on the job here at Southeast is March 18th, 2008. I had a great talk with both Brian and Greg and have their blessing. This morning I discussed it with Brian and he was so happy that we had a place to go. I guess he had thought there wasn't really a time they absolutely needed us. But as soon as he found out he was more than happy to send me off to our new ministry. He said that there's no reason to feel guilty because this is what the internship was all about, equipping me with the tools necessary and sending me out. Rochelle and I are very excited about the move. We'll pack up as much as we can and move down on Wednesday and hopefully arrive very early Thursday. That'll give me a few hours to get ready for rehearsal that night. We'll keep you updated on the move. I've gotta figure out moving expenses etc. and we've got to start packing. Thanks for all the prayers. God is good.

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