Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wow! It's been a lonnggg morning.

We've had the plumber here since about 7 this morning...(he is still here, by the way). Last night we had the misfortune of finding out that our toilets were clogged. That's right--toiletS, plural. 2 of 2 toilets out of commission.

We tried everything possible last night to get those things unclogged--2 plungers, an auger, draino, boiling water, 2 times mopping, several paper towels, and lots of wet pants later--we called the plumber.

He called back at 6 this morning...and showed up around 7. Nearly 3 hours later--we find our toilets are clogged by a rag. A stupid, little, rag. WHO PUTS A RAG DOWN THE TOILET.

Paul and I racked our brains, and in the past 2 weeks that we've been here neither of us ever, EVER flushing a rag down the toilet. We now blame it on the people who built the place.

I think this is God's April Fools joke on Paul because he got sarcastic with Him during our supper prayer last night. Don't mess with the big guy...don't mess.

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Janna said...

LOL... that reminds me of a story that one of my old co-worker's told me. His son was 2 at the time and thought it would be fun to flush a hand towel down the toilet and say "Buh bye!" Same thing... they had to get a plumber too. :)

Here at work, last year we had a problem with the plumbing in the bathrooms and eventually they had to have plumbers tear up the floors to get to the pipes. They found the pipes lined with a big mass of caulking and grout down there. Some genius must have flushed it down there when the built this place 30 years ago. I'm surprised it took 30 years for them to tear up the floor though... they'd been backing up all of this time! Sheesh.