Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Busy busy busy!

Hey Guys!!

I guess we've been a little busy lately. We're definitely keeping ourselves entertained down here, and trying to get all the outdoor activities that we want to try before summer is here and the heat becomes death! We've been doing lots of things--some just us, and some with our new friends!

Last weekend we went Kayaking (in the ocean!) at Sanibel/Captiva Islands. Sanibel is one of Travel Channels top 10 beaches in the country, so you have to believe it was absolutely gorgeous! We had a lot of fun, and it was an AWESOME day to spend in the ocean! We also saw lots of sea creatures, including but not limited too manatees, dolphins, and jumping fishies! After kayaking, we went to dinner at a much talked about restaurant, The Bubble Room...unfortunately it wasn't as good as expected. (Highly overpriced)

We also went fishing with some friends this past weekend. I caught two fish, one more than Paul! We even saw dolphins AGAIN! It was a lot of fun, unfortunately we got eaten alive by little fruit fly type bugs, and now we're itching like crazy people!

We're going fishing again tonight, from kayaks this time instead of just a dock--which makes me super excited! I love kayaking!!!

OHOH! Also, some exciting news--I've been working out daily now (for the past 2 days)...and unlike last time I tried working out, it feels really good! It gives me a lot of energy throughout the day and helps me feel motivated to eat healthier too! We have a workout facility right here in our community that's free for us to use, and is NEVER busy...most of the time I'm the only person in there. I go in the morning and watch my talk shows, and my hour work out time FLIES by.

That's all I have for the update on our lives...Hopefully next time we'll have more pictures to post. My camera dies after like 2 minutes of being on, so hopefully we'll work on that soon ;) TOODLES!!

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